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Have You Considered Outsourcing?

Outsourcing! You are probably already outsourcing some of your "to-do" lists in many ways. The housekeepers come monthly; hire a life coach or a fitness instructor. The pest control guy comes to spray for bugs, order dinner or groceries to be delivered, and have a subscription for clothes or make-up. These are all outsourcing to make our lives easier.

Using a Photo Manager is another way of outsourcing. Our photos are so precious, as well as the memories associated with them. It is sometimes hard to delegate that responsibility to someone. On the flip side, some photo collections' sheer volume and diversity make the task seem daunting and overwhelming. It isn't until something happens, a death, a natural disaster, a wedding, or we are downsizing that we start to recognize how important it is to save these precious memories and preserve them in a manageable way to pass on to the new generation.

The truth is you could accomplish this project of saving your photos alone, but you don't have to. As a Photo Manager, I enjoy the challenge of a diverse project. I love helping others save their photos and share their stories.

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