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KIDS ART-What to do with it all?

The kids are back in school, and it is just the beginning of all the beautiful artwork piling up. I have a wonderful solution for you, and if you follow through with this throughout the year, you will be thanking me all the way to next year.

I had seven children bringing home lovely art and schoolwork. I wish I had had a method like this in place back then.

Step 1- Take a Picture: When the beautiful artwork comes out of the backpack, take a picture of it. Either by itself or have your child hold it while you take the picture. After you take that first picture, create a folder or album in your camera roll that is "kids' art" If you have more than one child, create a folder for each child.

Step 2- Repeat: Continue with this throughout the school year and when they are freestyling too, be sure to move them to the "kids art" folder.

Step 3- Display: For those gems you can't bear to part with, or the child can't, these frames are AWESOME to use as art displays, and they can easily hold several inside, or this easy-to-install wire display with clips to display more pieces of art at a time. Because soon, there will be another amazing piece of artwork that deserves to be displayed.

Step 4-Print a Photo Book: At the end of the school year, create a photo book for all that art. It will be a fun reminder to your child of all the fun things they made and will rid your home of clutter. I offer this service if you feel it is out of your wheelhouse.

Step 5-Once you have created the photo book. You can delete the artwork but keep your folders/albums for next year.

Thank you for stopping by. I love to hear from you. Leave a message or comment. Or, if you think this is helpful, please share!

**Indie refers to my YouTube channel where my husband and I read aloud stories to our Grandchildren, and we opened it up to make it available to all kids.

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