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Tiny Tip Tuesday

Organize! Now that you have everything in one place, you have your supplies; you start organizing the photos. Decide how you want to organize, chronologically, by the event, by person- Use your index cards to with the date or name.

You are going to use the ABCS method and the 2-second rule.

A= Album Worthy Great photo, keeper

B= Box Not the best photo, but might help tell the story

C= Can it as in Toss in the can-blurry photos, scenery, sunsets

S= Story-picture helps support the story of A

2-second rule=do NOT get caught up in reminiscing (you can do that later).

Set a timer and work for 1 or 2 hours, 3 hours MAX.

These pictures weren't taken in a day and won't be organized in a day.

Just a reminder- If this is too overwhelming, outsourcing is okay. We outsource other things we don't want to do, like deep cleaning, washing the windows, and spraying for bugs, and it is okay! If this is the case for you, let's talk and figure out the best way to accomplish your goals for your photo memories.

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