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Tiny Tip Tuesday

We will start with the Dos:

1- Do scan them, and if there is information on the back add it to the metadata of the photo.

2- Do save the negatives. The negatives are another backup.

3- Do store them in acid-free, lignin-free boxes, in a cool dry part of the house.

4- Do identify the people in the photos and add that to the metadata of the scanned image.

5- Do use white cotton gloves or vinyl gloves while handling the photos. Touching them can leave fingerprints and the oils from your fingers can cause damage.

And the Don'ts:

1- Don't laminate your photos. This is irreversible, it can cause fading. Use an archival sleeve instead.

2- Don't display your photos in direct sunlight, protect the photos in a frame with UV-blocking glass.

3- Don't label the photos on the front or back with a ballpoint pen, it can make indents.

4- Don't place the photos in a magnetic photo album, the glue from this type of album is acidic and will damage the photos.

5- Don't store your photos in the attic, basement, or garage. Photos don't do well in extreme temperatures and high humidity.

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Aug 27, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I didn't know I should use gloves. Good to know.

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