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Deja Vu Photo 
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I help busy people organize, curate, cull, digitize, save, and share their precious photo memories

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Film Reels
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Travel Polaroids
Family Photos in B&W
Vintage Camera
Handheld Camera
Family Photo Album
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Saving Photos-Sharing Memories

My Grandmother passed away right before Covid hit and everything shut down, I realized that I didn't know her as well as I would have liked to have. I didn't know her "story." I feel a great deal of regret about that, and although I can't change it, I can try to help others tell their stories. Our photos hold our memories and our stories. But if we don't share them the stories are lost. 

Our families (and friends) want to hear our stories, especially the part that they play in them. Sharing our stories with loved ones brings greater connection, a sense of belonging, it also can teach us about resilience. My Grandma was born during The Great Depression. That was a challenge for the whole country. We made it through a pandemic, what will you share with your children and grandchildren about that challenging point in your life? 


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Jan Bishop of Deja Vu Photo Curating

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Our Services

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Custom Keychain Film roll with photos. Great Gift.

Custom Key Chain

Custom Air Fresheners

Custom Air Fresheners

Custom Photo Blanket

Photo Blanket

Wall Collage-Family Tree

Family Tree Wall Collage

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Photo Organization

Epson Scanner

photo scanner

Photo and document flatbed scanner. Scan to the cloud. Great for the do-it-yourselfer. Simple to use.

Nixplay Frame


Nixplay 10.1 touch smart screen digital frame with wifi. Unlimited cloud photo storage, share photos and videos instantly.

External Hard Drive

External Hard Drive

Toshiba External Hard Drive 4T. Compact design. Several colors to choose from.

Jumpdrive Case


Flashdrive case for organization of flashdrives, memory cards. Accessory storage bag.

Kodak Slide


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Kodak slide and negative scanner, with 5" LCD screen.

Photo Organizing


Photo Organizing Made Easy by Cathi Nelson. 

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