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Preserving Your Legacy: The Importance of Family History Journaling.

Family History doesn't have to be an overwhelming task. Keeping a journal can help you remember things as they happen. Today's happenings are tomorrows past. And writing things down helps you remember better or give you a place to reference if you are questioning your memory. Your children and grandchildren will be grateful that you wrote things down.

Here are four ideas on how to record about family history in a journal.

  1. Write down family traditions and how they started, record how they have changed through the years, or adapted to fit your life. Include things like recipes and stories, and maybe even pictures.

  2. Record family stories, legends and lore. Write down funny stories about yourself or your kids. Kids love to hear funny stories about themselves. Write down the cute things they say. Write about how you met your spouse, or where you had your first job. Share stories about yourself growing up, or stories your parents or grandparents have told you.

  3. Write the important dates, births, marriages, divorces, deaths. This is something you think you won't forget, but as you get older there are more and more dates to remember. Write them down.

  4. Record the work you are doing in your family history. Where you searched for records, whether you found what you were looking for and where it is. Much of the work that we do on family history research is online but keep track of what you have done, and what needs to be done.

My husband's great grandfather kept a journal, and the family published it. My husband loved reading it. Some of the entries were just how much he paid for something, but others tell amazing stories about the family and friends.

I would also recommend keeping a personal journal. There are many benefits of journaling.

Here are four benefits of journaling.

  1. Journaling can help reduce stress and anxiety. Writing down your thought helps you process them. Writing three good things daily has been studied and proven to reduce stress, and help you feel happier.

  2. Next, keeping a journal can help improve your mood and over-all sense of wellbeing. It can help you identify negative thought patterns and replace them with positive ones.

  3. Creativity can increase by allowing yourself to explore your thoughts and ideas in a safe nonjudgemental space. You can use it to brainstorm, write poetry, or even doodle.

  4. Journaling can lead to self-discovery or uncover dreams that we had set aside. It can be a place to set goals and monitor your progress on your goals, dreams and ambitions.

Quote by Stalina Goodwin
Quote by Stalina Goodwin "You must remember that your story matters. What you write has the power to save a life, sometimes that life is your own."

Many of you may have read the Diary of Anne Frank. I am sure that Anne Frank had no comprehension of what a significant impact her journal would make. But it did! And not just for her family

There are apps that you can use to journal, you could use a plain notebook, or you can get a journal with prompts or without. It is really up to you, but I would encourage you to start.

Here are some journals I have created.

This is just a sample of the journals I have available on Amazon. To see more search Jan L Bishop Journals in the search bar on Amazon.

I have done quite a bit of research on journaling and the benefits it can have on oneself. I have used journaling off and on throughout my life, and it has always been beneficial for me but here are a few quotes from other people who find journaling to be of great help.

Quote by Tony Robbins
Quote by Tony Robbins "Writing down my thoughts and ideas in a journal has been instrumental in clarifying my vision and formulating actionable plans."

"Keeping a journal of what I learn and the ideas that come to me has been crucial to my success." - Richard Branson

Quote by Jeff Bezos
Quote by Jeff Bezos "Journaling is a powerful habit that helps me reflect, set priorities, and stay focused on what truly matters in my business."

"Writing in a journal allows me to reflect on my experiences and extract valuable lessons that inform my future decisions." - Sheryl Sandberg

Quote from Earnest Hemmingway
Quote from Earnest Hemmingway "Write hard and clear about what hurts."

“The starting point of discovering who you are, your gifts, your talents, your dreams, is being comfortable with yourself. Spend time alone. Write in a journal.”

— Robin Sharma

“Writing in a journal each day allows you to direct your focus to what you accomplished, what you’re grateful for and what you’re committed to doing better tomorrow. Thus, you more deeply enjoy your journey each day.”

— Hal Elrod

“I am anxious, and it soothes me to express myself here. It is like whispering to one’s self and listening at the same time.”

— Mina Murray

I hope that you will be inspired to start journaling for family history and for yourself!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links; I may receive a commission if you purchase from one of these links.

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Wonderful tips, and so important to internalize. Thank you for sharing this post at the Will Blog for Comments #19 linkup! Hope to see you next time, too. :)

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