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Tiny Tip Tuesday-VHS & Mini DVs

VHS-Do you have a stack of VHS tapes that need to be converted to digital format? Or the mini DV? These tapes are probably the most at risk for deterioration and aren't built to last. You can convert them yourself or bring them to me, and I can do it for you. These tapes last 10-20 years. How old are your VHS? Obviously, the way they have been stored can also play a role in oh quickly they deteriorate. The quality of the videos isn't near what we are used to now, but that will only get worse.

Mini DV tapes
VHS home movies

Steps to take. First make sure they are being stored in the house, and not in the garage, attic, or storage unit. The heat and cold is hard on them. Do you have a VHS player? You may want to pull it out and watch them. I know we had some that had TV shows or other things that really don't matter anymore.

Next, get rid of those, read here on proper disposal of VHS tapes.

If you want to take the time to transfer the VHS to a digital format then, to do it yourself, you will need a video-to-digital converter. If you convert the mini DV, you will need a working mini dv video camera and the converter. You will need an active VHS player and a converter for a VHS conversion. If you use the converter I linked above, you don't need a computer, or you can use this converter and a computer. You will also need a flash drive or hard drive to load them onto. Video uses a large amount of memory, keep this in mind when choosing your flash drive or hard drive. I don't recommend just loading it to your computer.

Families watching family videos together
Families watching family videos together

The final step is to enjoy the fun video memories and share them with your loved ones. So, pop some popcorn and schedule a family movie night to watch and laugh together at the beautiful memories. It will be another family memory to cherish.

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